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We are photonics instrument supplier specialized in Display panel, LED,  Lighting and Photovoltaic Cell measurement. Our website targets to be your resources not only on measuring equipment, but also on essential phtotonics knowledge. Do come to visit us often. 

We proudly represent Ocean Optics Inc, Lumetrix, Jeti, Gossen, Photon Engineering, NAI motion, FLC electronics and more.

What is New

MK350S from Uprtek available now

MK350S is the advanced model of the market leader MK350 handheld LED spectrometer. Advanced function, including CRI bar chart, data/ graph retrieving, lux camera, spectrum comparison and more. Contact us for more exciting news.

Get Array Electronics meters from Us

Array Electronics makes reliable and affordable Waveform generator, multimeter, DC power supplier counter etc. You can now order these instruments directly from us in Hong Kong. Check them out in out product page! 


Elite Spectrometers by Ocean Optics

The new Apex 785 Raman spectrometer is the first in the Elite Series from Ocean Optics and it delivers unparalleled performance in demanding, low light level applications.

Its sophisticated HTVS technology allows the Apex to deliver faster measurements with less excitation requirements. That means more accuracy and less sample degradation

Call us for Apex's detail specifications.


Dimensioning and Weighing System from EssPhotonics


This highly affordable state of the art Dimension and Weight measuring system model EssDim100 from Essential Photonics Limited is the equipment with full capability for logistic boxes measurement. It features a large LED display for easy results viewing even when using it in off-line mode.  

Goto our Engineering Products page to check the specifications! 


Order FRED Optical Engineering Software from Us in HK

With immediate effect, you may order FRED Optical Engineering Software from us now. FRED is capable of simulating the propagation of light through any optomechanical system by raytracing, by handling as many sources, optical components, mechanical structures and rays that are needed.

Its capability to propagate both incoherent and coherent light means that FRED can be used for a divese range of applications that includes stray light, laser applications, illumination and non-imaging optics, imaging systems, multi-wavelength systems, and thermal imaging.  


Goto our FRED pages to check out the details.

Magic Bulb - A Truly Eco-Friendly Green Product


Ask for you BEST PRICE ever--- 1X USD @

Emergency Lamp<->Rechargable<-->E26/27 Base<-->Input AC 85-265V 

This Rechargable LED Light Bulb keeps on illuminating even without electrical supply. Simply pull the handle out and turn it into a flashlight.

Contact us Now for detail spec and pricing information!

NEW MK350 Handheld Spectrometer for Lighting Measurement


The New MK350 Handheld Spectrometer is a truly portable spectrometer that can work full function without connecting to a PC or notebook. Measuring Capability: Lux, Full spectrum ( 1nm data increment), CIE1931, CIE1976, Peak Wavelength, CCT, CRI.

Output Date Format: Excel in SD card and USB2.0 

Call us for a machine Demo! 


Check out our new Tutorial material- Basic Optics for Display Engineers in the Resources page

Bona Fide Instruments CG/EO/MT machines

Essential Photonics Limited is now responsible for all Bona Fide Instrument CG/EO machines maintenance services.

If your company needs services on Bona Fide Instruments' CG/EO LCD measurement machine, please contact us!

If you want to order new LCD measuring equipment, please let us know.


You can order NSG Precision cells from Essential Photonics Limited now!

NSG specialize in providing quality cuvettes, cells and microfluidic chips to help researchers get their work done more efficiently, comfortably and safely. NSG offer unique high-quality products manufactured in the USA, Japan, and Canada.  Our product line includes a wide range of cuvette accessories including absorbance cuvette, UV Vis spectrophotometers, spectrophotometers cuvettes, fluorometer cuvettes, disposable cuvettes, micro cuvettes, spectrophotometer cuvette accessories, and much more.

WAV-7 Combined Wavelength Accuracy/Photometric Didymium Glass Calibration Standard


Our Certified WAV-7 Calibration Standards are NIST- and NRC-Canada compliant and traceable.


Raman Spectroscopy System


The PinPointer delivers a full-featured Raman spectroscopy system in a remarkably affordable, true handheld format. The lightweight unit is controlled by a pocket-sized computer and features easy-to-use RSIQ software for fast point-and-click operation.

An optional software add-on, RSIQ-QUAL provides one-touch identification of unknown substances by immediate


Easy to use and far more cost effective than traditional conoscopic systems, the CONOMETER 80 is ideal for measuring the viewing angle luminance, contrast and gamma (new!) of emissive displays such as LCD, plasma, OLED, FED and rear-projection displays. The system is well suited for use in QC, production process control and R&D.

By using Lumetrix's Electronic Bracketing, the system can measure from 0.0005 to 4,500 cd/m2 without the use of neutral density filters. Very high contrast ratios are measurable.

The simple optical design has fewer optical elements than competitive conoscopic (Fourier) lens configurations. The system is able to measure displays as small as 6mm wide. The simpler optical design also results in lower optical scattering (low stray light).

XR-Series Miniature Fiber Optics Spectrometers


The XR-Series of Extended Range Spectrometers from Ocean Optics are responsive across a wide spectral range, providing you an optical resolution of ~2.0 nm (FWHM) and the convenience of a single, monolithic spectrometer to cover all wavelengths from ~200-1050 nm.


The XR Option is now available for our USB2000+, Jaz-EL200 and USB4000 Spectrometers and in custom systems.

Specbos 1201 / 1201M in their basic configuration can measure Luminance only with diameters of 4 mm and

more. Therefore four focusing optics were developed to allow the measurement of spots with 3 mm, 1 mm, 0.5 mm and 0.25 mm diameter. These spots are marked by a laser circle. The 0.5 mm and the 0.25 mm add ons are fitted out with a magnifying glass to simplify the precise adjustment.

Measuring objects:

  • Alphanumerical and numerical displays
  • Fluorescent tubes with small diameter
  • Backilluminated signs
  • Other small light sources

    The Lumetrix STiR 1.4 Spectrally Tunable Imaging Radiometer is a unique instrument: it delivers high performance spectroradiometric measurements from 400 nm to 720 nm in a 1400 x 1040 image. Radiance images at each wavelength are compiled and computed to report values at each pixel in the image such as CIE chromaticity, luminance, and radiance. The system's exceptional performance specifications include: low stray light, 1nm accuracy, a nominal bandpass resolution of 7nm, and more than six decades of dynamic range.

    Measurement applications include the characterization of displays, LEDs and lamps. Users of spot spectroradiometers will appreciate the STiR for its speed and comprehensive measurement detail. The STiR offers the intuitive ability to superimpose measurement data on an image. Spectral data at every point in the image provides engineers with enhanced analysis not previously possible.

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