Essential Photonics Limited

Essential Photonics Limited

Essential Photonics Limited has its own Product Development and Enginering team, we have the ability to develop many kinds of test and measurement equipment. 

Our latest product is a dimensioning and weighing system model EssDim100.

This highly affordable state of the art Dimension and Weight measuring system model EssDim100 from Essential Photonics Limited is the equipment with full capability for logistic boxes measurement. It features a large LED display for easy results viewing even when using it in off-line mode.  


 EssDim 100

Preliminary Specifications*:


EssDim 50

EssDim 100

Measurement range


10 cm to 58 cm

11 cm to 90 cm


5 cm to 69 cm

12 cm to 74 cm


5 cm to 69 cm

8 cm to 88 cm


1cm standard (0.5 cm optional)


up to 50kg


10 gm

Other features

Data output

USB (virtual COM port)


4-lines LED

PC software

Spreadsheet program included

Moving Cart


















* Specifications are subject to change without notice

  Custom specification requirements are welcome!

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